Maternity Shoot Milky Bathtub and Flowers

I’m 8 months pregnant now and the time of having a big belly and a little human kicking around is slowly (or actually not so slowly) coming to an end. I’m gonna miss not being pregnant! Despite the back pain and other minimal problems. Before this time is coming to and end, I wanted to capture my beautiful big belly (probably the only time I’d call my big belly beautiful :P).

I had this idea in mind of laying in a milky bathtub surrounded by flowers or leaves and luckily Irene from was keen on putting these ideas into action. A beautiful maternity shoot I could not be happier with, was the outcome.

Below I’m sharing a couple of shots with you!

And of course a BIG thank you to Irene for being so patient with me. I constantly felt very comfortable and happy having Irene around and shooting with her. If you’re around Berlin, I can highly recommend her.

gloria-6 gloria-18 gloria-16 gloria-10

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