Helpful Tip for Psoriasis, Eczema, Seborrheic dermatitis


In terms of acne I have been really lucky with my skin. Never had any problems, not even as a teenager. I always had clear and even skin. Instead I have a different skin problem. I’ve been suffering from some sort of skin disease, which I haven’t yet been able to really determine by name. I went to several doctors, but everyone says something different. Some would even only ask for symptoms without even really looking at my skin and instantly prescribe cortisone or other chemical creams which might help short time, but definitely not long term. And they also just fight the symptoms, not the actual root of the problem.

My skin disease probably comes closest to seborrheic dermatitis. They flaky red patches are spread out mostly around my nose, my ears and on my scalp. I have been searching like a crazy person through the internet for all a possible solution, which will finally help me with my problem. But everything I’ve tried so far hasn’t been any help, not even applying apple cider vinegar.

Rather by accident I found a combination, that hasn’t cured my skin disease as of yet, but definitely improved it and the flaky patches are reduced, some are even gone. I feel like it get’s better day by day.  It’s gonna sound a bit weird, but I was at a point where I had tried pretty much everything if someone had told me it would solve my skin problem.

1) Nettle

1. Sting yourself with nettle. Yes, exactly, sting yourself. Exactly where you have the skin problem. It’s gonna hurt a bit, but not too bad, you’ll get used to it – at least I did.

2. Pack fresh nettle into your smoothie/ green juice every day first thing in the morning.

2) Tea Tree Essential Oil + Jojoba Oil + Oregano Oil

1. Mix a few drops tea tree essential oil with a few drops oregano essential oil and a carrier oil. Jojoba oil has worked for me best.

2. Use a Q-tip to dab the oil mix on the inflamed area. Every morning and every evening.

Those two things in combination have helped me a lot and I really hope I can help someone else with sharing my experience. I can’t really tell if one or the other has helped me more, as I’ve started to do both things simultaneously.


  1. I have the same thing. I am Aussie, and found you through Homespun Capers, and since moving to the UK 2 years ago have had ongoing “reactions” on my skin (face). Eczema runs in my family, but I have never suffered. And the same as you, the Dr’s just prescribed cortisone. I have found some solice in Acupuncture, and find that stress and lack of sleep certainly aggravate it. Additionally I used Organic Sweet Almond Oil as my moisturiser (sometimes coconut oil also), as whilst these are “oily” they actually get into the skin / under the patches and flakes and feel like some moisture is achieved vs. Eczema & Psoriasis creams which go ONTOP thick and often feel itchy. I feel the pollution in London is certainly a contributing factor. I never write in comments, but this was such a specific description that I thought I would let you know you are not alone, and although it hard when its on your face!! that some solutions or help can be found. I am definitely going to give your ideas a go! Thanks, Chloe

    • shanyaraleonie Reply

      Thank you for your comment chloe! I have moved form canada to the UK and it was already bad in canada, but I put it onto the winter, it’s especially harsh there. Then, I guess, you are right, london’s pollution doesn’t really help either. I’m using the sweet almond oil now as well. There a bad days and better days. I can’t really pin point what exactly the trigger is though. To know that would already help, right. Well thank you again and hopefully our skin will heal eventually!

  2. You know, instead of stinging yourself, I think you could make an infusion of the nettle by boiling large amounts of the leaves into water over a low heat. Once it’s reduced, let it sit with the leaves overnight. Strain the leaves and keep the infused water. Use with cotton balls to put on effected ares, seems less painful both physically and emotionally.

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