Inspiration: Chloé from Being Biotiful

Chloé is a blogger, slow food stylist, photographer and mum. I found Chloé through her beautiful and very inspiring instagram account. It is all around her life with little Elliot, being a mum, creating recipes, traveling the world and being behind the camera. Her instagram let me to her fantastic blog Being Biotiful. Why did I wait for so long to check it out, I asked myself. It is so inspirational, her photography is beautiful, so are her recipe creations, which all seem to be deliciously healthy. Like her instagram account she blogs about food, travel, her lifestyle and her weekly farmers market visits.

I was thrilled when she agreed to an interview, so now I can introduce you all to wonderful Chloé and we can get to know her a bit better.




What is your name and how old are you? 

Chloé Sepulchre, 30 years old

Where are you from/ Where do you live at the moment? 

I am from Belgium and right now I live in Barcelona

What is your profession? 

Blogger, recipe developper, slow food stylist & photographer

You seem to have traveled quite a bit. Where is your favorite place you’ve been to so far? 

I loved Buenos Aires and Amsterdam!

How did you get into blogging? 

When I realized how food has healed my autoinmune diseases

What camera equipment do you use? 


You blog a lot about food. Are you following any nutritional guidelines? 

Eat real food, seasonally and not refined. Eat a lot of veggies and feel intuitive about food

You are the mama of your little boy called Elliot. Are you following any nutritional guidelines with him? 

He just eats same as me. Just real food. Mostly gluten free, always dairy free and a lot of veggies, grains

What is your favorite breakfast? 

Green smoothie (o and pancakes o and porridges…)


What is your favorite recipe creation of yours? 

A version of healthy snickers made with cashew&hazelnut butter! Oh yum!

Who or what inspires you? 

The local market, the seasons, nature and other food bloggers

One dish you could eat the rest of your life? 

Sweet potato & cinnamoon fries!

Where do you want to travel to next? 

New Zealand



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