Inspiration: Ellen from @ellencharlottemarie

Ellen is a mother, freelance photographer, waterski champion and has a beautiful instagram account all about healthy food + recipes. Her images are just beautiful, truly inspiring and full of positivity. I’d like to introduce you to this wonderful woman with a little interview.




What is your name?

My name is Ellen De Meulemeester

What is your profession?

I work as a freelance photographer and 2 days a week I work in my parents shop.

Where are you from/ where do you live at the moment?

I am Belgian and live in a romantic city called Bruges.

Your photography is beautiful. How did you get into taking pictures and sharing them on instagram?

I would have never thought that I would become a ‘food photographer’. I really love photographing people and faces. But since I have discoverd Instagram and
started to eat more healthy, I became a big fan of food photography! Not the fancy food photography with extra light and chemical sprays to make your food look shiny. The only thing I want is
to make good food and to be able to show it in my pictures and share it with the world.
You are a proud mum, how and where do you find the time for your creations and photography?

That’s a good one! I am a mum of two little boys and every other week I am also a ‘plus mama’ for two teenagers (my husbands kids). Believe me when I say it is pretty busy in our house most of the time! I mostly post breakfast pics because that is the time I have for myself, when they are off to school. And when I have to choise between doing laundry or making myself a big breakfast bowl and photograph it … guess what my choise would be! 😉 I try to invlolve them in making food, trying things out, posing for pictures, helping me with the styling and so. Although they don’t eat everything I make, they know all the ingredients, they know about the importance of healthy food. It is a huge challenge to make my kids eat healthy because the nasty stuff is everywhere you look. But I try not to stress about it. (I try). I am pretty confident that they will make the right choises when they get older.

How does your photography equipment look like?

Just my Nikon camera!

What is your (personal) best tip for food photograhy/ styling ? 

The light and the colours are the most important thing! You have to turn your plate around, move your table, rearrange your berries,… try it out untill the light is perfect!

What do your family and friends think about your photography and instagraming? (Let’s pretend “instagraming” is a word;)

I love the word ‘instagraming’!!! Oh, they are very supportive! Really! As long as I share my food! 😀

What are your thoughts on the “instagram community”?

For me Instagram has motivated me to eat healthy, make better food and pictures, do more sports…Also you can meet wonderful persons and get inspired by the beautiful things they make.

It can get to much sometimes but then it is important to do an Instagram diet (let’s pretend an ‘instagram diet’ is a word! :-D) Even if that means losing followers…

How does your perfect comfort meal look like?

I just love everything that has to do with breakfast!

Are you following a specific nutritional lifestyle?

I try to eat as clean as possible. We bake our own bread, make our own apple juice and I try to cook with real ingredients. A lot is vegan, but I do enjoy some goat cheese and an organic egg too. I just eat as pure as possible and listen to my body.

What is your personal tip for eating “healthy”?

Listen to your body and always start your day with a good breakfast! And if you go shopping always ask yourself: ‘would my grand grand grandmother recognise that as real food (looking at the ingredients)?’ If the answer is yes, then you are good to go! 😉

Do you have a quote or mantra you live by?

Euhm…I can’t come up with something right now, so I guess not 🙂



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