Inspiration: Kiki Flynn from Kiki Says

Kiki Flynn is an actress, a yoga teacher, a youtube content creator, blogger and just an amazing human being. She has been a massive influence for me and my journey to health and nourishment.

I used to be sick very often and had to take antibiotics to regain my health. But this was a vicious cycle, because I couldn’t really get better with taking antibiotics so often. I started to research alternative ways to get healthy without having to take antibiotics. So I would google natural antibiotics, research homeopathic medicine, chinese medicine and how to heal my body with nourishment and yoga. I somehow came across Kiki’s youtube channel Kiki says and I was sheer fascinated by this woman. Her wisdom literally blew my mind. She taught me things I had never heard of, let alone considered helpful in solving health problems. I watched every video back to back. I owe a lot to this woman, who sacrificed her time to produce helpful content free for everyone to watch and read. She even only recently started her own podcast. This woman is just full of positivity and happiness!

Kiki Flynn

What is your name?

Kiki Flynn

Where do you live?

I live in New York City

What did you have for breakfast?

I am a savory breakfast person. And I eat very few sweets anytime of day. First thing every day, I have wheat grass that I crank at home. And then a green juice. Maybe a couple of dates and handful of soaked walnuts or pecans.

Do you live by strict “diet” rules?

I do not like the word “diet” and try to never use it. I have an organic, vegetarian, whole foods lifestyle. Lifestyle is something we live everyday. Dieting and diet culture is so harmful to women’s esteem and success. We have to open the gates of this prison and fly forward.

What is your favorite dessert?

I don’t eat deserts but I do love cherries. Although I was a sweet addict much of my life and could exhibit incredible control, thankfully a Candida cleanse eliminated the cravings and I am happily sugar-free.

What “wakes you up” in the morning?

Organic tea or coffee and definitely wheatgrass juice.

What inspired you to share your knowledge with the online community?

I saw that so much was being left out of the yoga classroom and commercial yoga movement regarding sustainability, community responsibility, organic beauty, chemical-free lifestyle and self-care. I wondered “how will young women get all the information”? I decided that I would share it on YouTube. My first followers and fans, as well as the growing viewer base, are young women who say they are so grateful I shared this so they can be like me when they are my age. So my plan worked! Of course women and men of all ages have embraced the channel and the good information. I am so grateful to each and every viewer for their trust and courage.

What do you think about the online health community at the moment?

There is so much growth and momentum, it’s great. As a Natural Beauty Expert for, I also see that a lot of material is cut, pasted and shared from one source across so many blogs with little research or new content. So there is a lot of redundancy. Also many bloggers, and who can blame them, turn to sales and promotions to churn out content for products that no one necessarily needs. We don’t need more stuff on our tiny planet, we need less!

Why did you stop uploading videos to YouTube? I miss them so much!

Thank you! I have 165 videos on YouTube and all the information is evergreen; it will not go out of date or stop working. My video on headstand or Triphala is just as pertinent today as when I made it and the method is still correct. New viewers search and find the videos every day. I share what has meaning for me. The process of preparing, shooting, editing and uploading is time consuming – I post what I believe in and don’t have time for fluff. Also I am always stretching into new areas – I am a busy woman! I am creating and implementing yoga programming for diverse communities including Spinal Cord Injury and MS. I am writing the Kiki wellness book, have started a podcast, and I continue to work with clients one-on-one for yoga and wellness as well as teach chanting and philosophy in teacher trainings. I am also planning for projects well into 2018. On a more personal note, I am learning to surf and am spending my summer weekends at Rockaway Beach. I don’t think I ever took a weekend off before and now I have a whole summer of them! Resting and resetting has made me more productive.

What is your favorite yoga pose to active the body and circulation?

Headstand and shoulderstand are exemplary and the benefits cannot be mimicked elsewhere. But these require experience and solid technique; so if you’re new to yoga and read this, please don’t throw yourself up in the air. Watch my YouTube videos first 😉

Kiki Flynn

Who inspires you today?

My students at the Axis Project inspire me every day. Here are individuals whose lives changed in a moment due to an accident and they now live with Spinal Cord Injury facing daily challenges for accessibility as paraplegics and quadriplegics. The attention they’ve given to yoga techniques and yoga mind is transformational for all of us in the program – students and facilitators alike.

You did many trips to India, did they have an effect on your way of thinking and living? 

My India travels, studies and beloved teacher Sri K. Pattabhi Jois changed me completely. My mind, my goals, my way of seeing – everything is through a yoga lens.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose to live and why?

It only recently occurred to me that I could live all over the world and didn’t have to pick one place. I have a lovely apartment in New York City and think I will always return to this city of diversity of culture, creativity and ideas but there is so much to see, to be inspired by and communities to connect with and learn from.

Will you ever come to visit London, UK?

Did you know I lived in London and went to a British girls school for my 1st and 2nd Form? My best friend from those days is still my best friend today. I am in UK once a year and have taught in London, Oxford and Manchester. I will be back soon and you and I will be sitting down together for our next interview.

Do you have a quote that you would like to share?

Who has time for ordinary? Let’s be extraordinary.

One piece of advice you would have given 16-year old KIKI SAYS?

At 16 I stopped standing on a scale and began using olive oil on my hair and skin. So I would say – Believe in yourself now because it’s gonna take 30 years for the mainstream to agree with you. Don’t’ hesitate, live your truth and spread the word!

Kiki Flynn

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  1. Kiki Said ‘My first followers and fans, as well as the growing viewer base, are young women who say they are so grateful I shared this so they can be like me when they are my age. ”

    I want to be like Kiki at my age now 32 never mind at a later stage in my life 🙂

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