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INDIA – Udaipur and Pushkar

India .. where do I begin?Maybe by the fact that I almost forgot my laptop at the airport. We were already on board, the “fasten your seat belt” has just turned on and the doors were about to close when I asked my boyfriend where he had put my laptop. When he replied that he didn’t touch it I immediately knew: I left it at the gate. Within seconds I jumped up, rushed to the air hostess and told her my dilemma. After seconds I saw someone bringing my laptop and I could have not been more happier and gave her an immediate “Thank you, thank you thank you” hug. Ok, now I was ready for take-off. More or less, because I have a terrible fear of flying. But against all my fearful expectations it was a smooth and pretty much turbulence free flight. After about 7,5 hours we arrived in…