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In Pushkar we took a train in the direction of Jodhpur, or at least we thought so, because after the train took off, we realized that we were actually heading into the opposite direction to Jaipur.

First, it was a shock of course and we didn’t really know what to do, but eventually we decided to adjust our itinerary and stay in Jaipur, instead of waiting for another train at some point and go all the way back. In Jaipur we had our only couch surfing, but seeing we were there much earlier we decided to go to the place by chance and just ask if we could stay now. Funny enough, it was an actual hotel and the owner just gave us a whole hotel room for free. Pretty amazing 🙂

We stayed in Jaipur for a 2 nights trying to figure out where to go next. We decided for Agra and the Taj Mahal.

Jaipur is a pretty hectic city, even more so than all the other ones we had been up to this point. I unfortunately don’t really have any food recommendations for Jaipur, as I didn’t really find any amazing place. I just went to cheap restaurants and looked for anything potential vegan on the menu, or just asked if they can omit butter, milk and cream.

As for sight seeing I can highly recommend the monkey temple and checking out amber fort. We didn’t go up amber fort because it was too much of hassle and too expensive for us, but right across amber fort is a steep staircase which you can climb up to the top, which is about the same height with the same view point as amber fort, but for free.

I can also highly recommend hiring a tuk tuk driver for a day on a fix rate to take you around wherever you want to go. We had one for one night and another full day and we payed 1500 Rupees (including a very generous tip;)).

Check out the video below to follow our Jaipur adventures.



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