What I ate in 1 Week Iceland on a Budget + Plant based Lifestyle




Initially I filmed a short video about this topic, but the tone turned out to be such a bad quality due to the loud wind, that I decided to just quickly type it up instead.

So I went to beautiful Iceland for a week, which has been a long, long dream of mine. We stayed in guest houses, hostels and airbnb’s and had the best time. We were also very lucky weather wise, sunshine everyday. I wanted to share with you what I ate in Iceland for one week on a plant based lifestyle and on a budget. We wanted spend as little money as possible on food, so we never went out to eat somewhere except once in Reykjavik.

My preparation started at home:

– baked a fresh batch of my cinnamon + date granola

–  prepared a bag of mixed nuts, seeds and raisins

– in a bag mixed oats, cinnamon + vanilla

– packaged chia seeds

– 1 package rice + quinoa pasta

– 1 jar of vegan basil pesto


At the cheapest supermarket in Iceland called Bonus I bought:

– yeast free spelt crackers (Usually I’d stay away from spelt because of the wheat, but this was the best bet there)

– a bunch of apples + ripe bananas (luckily they had some)

– a jar of almond butter

– 1 rice milk


So for breakfast I usually had 1 banana mashed together with oats + chia seeds and rice milk. That filled me up pretty nicely and tasted delicious! For lunch I had some crackers with almond butter. Then I would snack on the nuts or the granola or have an apple. And for dinner I had basically the same I had for breakfast heated up or the pasta I brought from home with pesto.

I didn’t bother buying any vegetables or salad as 1) it was expensive and b) I didn’t want to bother with preparation and stuff. We didn’t always have a kitchen available and as I love porridge I didn’t have any problem at all having the same thing for dinner.






    • shanyaraleonie Reply

      Thank you Anna 🙂 Iceland was indeed amazing! And I wanted to go there for soon long.

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